1. The future is real

    My new life problem is: I have 3 classes left for my double major in religion but they are classes that I have no interest in with professors that I haven’t heard great things about. I am thinking of just taking my one class that I have left for international studies (and keep religion as a minor) and being a part time student and be able to get a full time job to save up for moving to South America in January. But I don’t know if that’s good for grad school? Will they care that I only have one major? Or when I apply to grad school after getting an internship and going to the peace corps will they even care about that? I am so confused about life.

    Please, tell me what to do?

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  4. arequipa is surrounded by stunning snow capped mountains and volcanos


    seen in arequipa, peru

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  5. Climbing up El Misti volcano was honestly one of the most physically taxing things I have ever done in my life. It’s not really just the climb, but the altitude. At 13000 you get winded by walking, at 15000 you get out of breathe with every movement or standing up or whatever, and over 16000 the only way to describe the altitude is it literally suffocates you. After walking all day the first day (the walk is literally straight up, you are basically rock climbing with all your shit) with all our equipment, like tents and shit, we made it to the base camp. It was really beautiful actually and you can see the different layers of the worlds sphere. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. As soon as the sun went down though, it was so cold. I was wearing 5 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 hats, 3 pairs of pants, and 7 long sleeved shirts/jackets. Your stomach can’t digest food well at that altitude so I really couldn’t eat anything any the night was so uncomfortable in the cold. We started walking at 12:30ish am. Right from the get go it was exhausting. The climb, like I said is straight up and you are often pulling yourself up with rocks or even worse when there is none and you are sliding all around the sand. The walk was so difficult. At around 4:30 am everyone was like throwing up and I was legitamately terrified that I was going to pass out and fall off the rocks. I guess in attempts not to eat too much, I didn’t eat enough and my blood sugar was running super low. I was like slurring my words and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Then it fucking started snowing and my water was freezing. I seriously thought I was getting frostbite on my toes and the rocks and sand were all frozen making the climb more difficult. We were going to have to speed up so our bodies wouldn’t freeze or turn back. So an hour and a half from the top I went back to base camp with some people to meet up with others who were so sick from the first day that they didn’t even start day 2. I was just scared for my blood sugar. When i got to camp, I didn’t have enough energy to peel an orange so I just bit into it and sucked on it till I could breathe again. My group was 4 and then for some reason there was a big group of like 16ish I think like 9 made it to the top. Congrats to my friend Ella who was one of the lucky few. She said the last stretch was so hard she just started weeping. Anyways, I am still proud of myself and my friends for making the attempt. I respect Misti so much. She truly kicked my ass and reminds everyone that they can definitely be knocked down. The world is truly magnificent with so many things to see, learn, and experience and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to appreciate so many of the worlds wonders. I am amazed every single fucking day by the world and I can only hope for so many more adventures. Nature is truly beautiful and awesome ( in the way that even British people like Graham would agree to use the word awesome).

  6. About to spend the weekend climbing that volcano. 19,000ft. After talking to people I am actually terrified. A lot people said they didn’t make it and everyone basically gets sick because of the altitude. It gets below 0. And there are parts where you have to use a ice pick to climb. The last day is basically straight up. People literally said it was such a bitch and they had to turn back. You are so high up that your body can’t digest food. I don’t know if I am ready but I am ready for the challenge (I think). So much respect for El Misti right now. Please don’t kick my ass too much. Then a few days recovery to trek colca.

    Also in other news at the girls home today I spent 4 hours picking out lice from the little girls hair and washing them with delice shit. I just feel so bad for them. I ve never seen anything like the amount of shit in my life.

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    De La in Rio.


  8. So life is real. I emailed the department head and a professor and can do the independent study to graduate in the fall. My mom made reservations for fall graduation. Now I am thinking I’m going to miss out on a lot my last semester but idk. I’m finding awesome opps in Colombia and other places in South America plus I want to help out in the kiwicha harvest in Tomepama in march. I just have so many conflicting feelings. Life is happening. It’s ride or die time. I am actually having to make decisions that I will base my life on. Why are we growing up? I have jury dury august 13th. Life is so real.

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    Cotahuasi Canyon, Peru

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  11. Cotahuasi knows what’s up

  12. I have to stop falling in love so deeply with all these people and places. It hurts my heart and soul way too much. But then again life is too beautiful to not enjoy it’s experiences so honestly. I love Arequipa but no where will ever have shit on Cotahuasi where the boys are cuter the air is cleaner and the smiles are legitimately the sweetest you’ll ever see (they smile when they talk and it literally makes my day). I am counting down the days when I can be back for the fiestas in October.

    In other news I think I finally decided to graduate in December so I can move to South America in January. It’s been something I have been thinking about for a while but I love the people I have back in my life in the real world. I don’t know what I want. I just want to be free and an ex pat.

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    Riverbank colors | ©Soma Images  (Agua Azul falls, Chiapas, Mexico)

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